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Here at NOIDEA. we absolutely LOVE fashion and we want to share that love with all of you!


As two friends, James and Aidan, we wanted to combine our joint passion for business, clothing and music to establish a comfortable, stylish and diverse brand suitable for absolutely anyone and everyone!


NOIDEA. was born in 2013 when student, James, designed our ever-present Stag Tag. Originally sewing together the NOIDEA. fashion house, James progressed into the club and underground sphere of entertainment, with parties, DJ’ing and music production becoming the main focus. The partying commenced in locations such as London, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff and Australia.


Despite the focus of NOIDEA. shifting to the music world, the three of us got together in the strangest period of 2020, ‘Lockdown 1’, to kickstart the NOIDEA. fashion house. We set out to create simple, comfortable and unique clothing for a wide range of people at an affordable price.


Starting with a small number of products, we have gradually grown our range, handpicking our favourite garments that fit in perfectly with the ever-changing trends of today's versatile market. We saw too many brands overcharging for simple garments, and while we appreciated the need to make money to pursue future, stylish lines, we want to ensure that we charge a fair price for our garments, one that reflects the great effort throughout the supply chain as well as the high quality of material, yet one that is still affordable for all of you.  


At NOIDEA. we’re a sociable trio, we have a passion for clothing and most of all, we want you all to love yourself in our clothes, to feel comfortable in your own skin and to have confidence in yourself! We keep designing new garments which we think you’ll love, and we can’t wait to share them all with you!

We love hearing from all of you, so please get in touch should you need anything, even just a chat! You can talk to us through social media or through email.

Please don't feel like you're alone. Peace & Love

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