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Our Work

NOIDEA: CALL YOUR TUNE is a Community Interest Company ( CIC ) which educates the new up-and-coming generations of budding musicians and creatives. Building campaigns within schools and our community. Educating and inspiring the youth to go out and change the world we live in! We want to help communities grow by shining light on new talent and helping where we can - give good to get good. We focus on helping disadvantaged students so they can make a living through music.

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Through DJing and music production we are working with disadvantaged youths to help them find their passion, give them extra qualifications so they can study music at higher education alongside them reaching their full potential, monetize and make a living through music.

Come check out the full project here

Check out our amazing work teaching 42 students how to rap. There were 8 groups who made their own original songs from the production all the way to their lyrics and even performed them live!

Click here to see the full project!

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